Where are you located?

I am located between Denver and Ft. Collins. 

What should I expect at the pre-session appointment?

The pre-session appointment can be either in person or via phone. We will go over which session or sessions you want and discuss your style and wants. We will then schedule your session date/location and go over any additional questions you may have. 

*$250 session fee is due at that time to hold the date for your session(s). 

Do you offer prints?

Yes! Prints, canvases, and albums are available for purchase.

Your current photos may be stored in a digital form such as a cloud or on social media, but how will these benefit future generations if they don’t have access to them? The digital form we have now won’t always be the standard medium or perhaps even accessible in the next 10 years...example the floppy disc. If the only photos you have of your children are on Facebook or Instagram, how will you be able to pass along the memories to them to keep forever?  How will they have photos of you?

Printed photos last longer than digital files and never become non-accessible and they don’t crash. Albums, canvases and prints will always be apart of the latest technology. 

Would you rather have custom artistically edited portraits hanging on your walls or on display in an album to show everyone who visits your home just how important your family is...instead of a CD/DVD/USB tucked away in a drawer to be forgotten about? Photographs are priceless and visible reminders of those we love. They make a house a home. YOUR home.



Approximately 2 weeks after your photo session you will be able to view your unedited portraits in an online gallery.  You will then be able to choose which portraits and what size you would like to have edited for purchase. I advise you to check out the Collections page for ideas on sizes and arrangements. Your products will be delivered within 2-3 weeks after you place your order. 

Check out my Pinterest page that I have created for my clients to help them decide what colors and outfits each member of their family should wear.

Click below to check out my spring palette. https://www.pinterest.com/hnm3md/spring-family-portraits/ 

Summer palette. https://www.pinterest.com/hnm3md/summer-family-portraits/

Fall palette: https://www.pinterest.com/hnm3md/fall-pictures/

Also available are several children's dresses, costumes, and maternity dresses from my collection. Usage of these are included with my sessions. 

What should we wear for our portraits?